Mechanic Insurance for Motor Traders | All You Need To Know

For many insurance products, taking out the policy is relatively simple but for some types of insurance policies such as Engineers insurance or Motor Trade insurance, it can be difficult to get your head around.

Today we’ll be focusing on one of the two insurance products mentioned in the paragraph above. Unfortunately, we won’t be looking at Engineer insurance more closely instead we’ll be taking a deeper look at Mechanic insurance for Motor Traders, telling you all you need to know about Motor Trade insurance.

Knowing all about Motor Trade insurance will help you get your desired Motor Trade policy, just like knowing all about Engineers insurance would help you get a good Engineer insurance policy.

What’s the Difference Between Mechanics Insurance and Motor Trade Insurance?

Technically there isn’t a difference between Mechanics insurance and Motor Trade insurance, just like there isn’t a difference between Engineer insurance and Engineers insurance, it’s just just a matter of semantics.

Mechanics insurance is just a subset of Motor Trade insurance, and when a motor trader asks for a Mechanic insurance policy they’ll usually find that they are offered a Motor Trade insurance policy that is specific to the mechanic industry or the specific mechanic’s needs. Therefore the policy wouldn’t include something like Demonstration cover.

So What Does a Mechanics Insurance Policy Include?

A general Mechanics insurance policy will include several things that aren’t necessarily specific to Mechanics, but would usually be included in a Mechanic insurance policy as well as other varied types of Motor Trade insurance.

So in a Mechanic insurance policy you will generally find Product Liability and Public Liability, this is in addition to Tools & Machinery cover. For motor traders with a more extensive business, it might also need to include things like Employers’ Liability added to the Mechanics insurance policy amongst other Motor Trade insurance products.

What Does a Mechanic Definitely Need in a Motor Trade Insurance Policy?

Not every Mechanics insurance policy will be the same and that’s simply because not every mechanics motor trade business will be identical. However, like in other insurance products such as Engineer insurance, there will be varying levels of cover and additional insurance products that should not be ignored as they could be crucial to protecting your business.

Every Mechanics insurance policy should include a Fully Comprehensive Road Risk level of cover so that when mechanics are testing cars on the road, which is a usual occurrence for most mechanics, they will be fully covered.

Product Liability will also be a useful Motor trade insurance product to include in a Mechanics insurance policy, as this will protect the motor trader against faulty parts or work by the mechanic not being completed to the required standard.

How Do Mechanics Find Good Motor Trade Insurance?

Reading guides is all well and good but how do you find a good Motor Trade insurance policy? It’s a similar question asked in other industries, for example, an engineer would be asking: how to find a good Engineer insurance policy? The secret is simple; find a specialist insurance broker. So for an Engineer, that would be an Engineer insurance broker but for a mechanic that would be a Motor Trade insurance broker.

Not only do specialist insurance brokers have a wealth of knowledge about the insurance products they sell, but they’ll also have access to exclusive rates that will get you the right policy for the right price. What could be better than that?


When it comes to insurance of any kind, whether that’s Mechanics insurance, Engineer insurance or any other type of insurance, knowing what you need to include is important. Have a good look at your business and try to envisage what you couldn’t afford to replace, or if something went wrong how much would it cost you if you weren’t insured for it.

However, you could just ignore the advice above and do the easy thing by contacting a specialist insurance broker for your company/industry. They’ll tell you exactly what you will need to insure and can help you find a great price.